In many cases, people just want to stay home for Christmas and spend some quality bonding time with family. But in some cases, quality bonding time could mean going on a grand Christmas vacation with your loved ones.

If you and your family are planning a Camiguin getaway this holiday season, then you’ll be sure to appreciate a few tips on how to make sure that your Christmas vacation in the Island Born of Fire is enjoyable and completely stress-free. After all, one of the main reasons for going on vacation is to de-stress, isn’t it?

Will There Be Children?

If you’re bringing children with you (especially toddlers), it is important to keep their routines as much as possible. Meal times, nap times, and play times should be kept the same so you won’t have to deal with screaming babies on the road. This means you need to schedule your travel times around the children’s routine.

Do Your Research

If you’ve never been to Camiguin before, it will help for you to do your research so you can create an itinerary of things to do and places to visit such that you can maximize your stay on the island. You should make sure all the tourist spots you plan to visit are open on the days you want to visit them so you won’t be wasting time getting to the location only to find out they’re closed that day.


Doing your research also involves looking for a place to stay and even booking your stay in advance. And when in Camiguin, one of the best ways to have a stress-free vacation you can truly enjoy is to stay in a place that not only has commendable accommodations, but also a nice restaurant and a one-stop pasalubong shop.


One such place is Ba’ay, where you’ll have the option of staying either at the hostel or the bed and breakfast. In the same building as Ba’ay, you’ll find Samuel, which serves delightful home-cooked meals. And on the ground floor is Gasa, the pasalubong shop where you’ll find everything you’ll ever want to bring home to friends after your Camiguin adventure.


Pack Well in Advance

Packing in a rush increases the risk of forgetting essential items, so be sure you’re all packed and ready at least a week before your scheduled departure. You might not believe it right now, but a day or two before your trip, you’re bound to realize there are still things you haven’t packed. Imagine how much of a hassle it would have been if you’d realized that on the road?


Keeping all these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to have a grand time in the Island Born of Fire. Merry Christmas!