Are you feeling unwell? Are you feeling a bit sad for whatever reason? There is one thing that just might cheer you up—comfort food!

For some reason, our favorite foods just seem to improve our mood, regardless of whether what we’re feeling is a physical ailment or an emotional disturbance. And when you think about comfort food, for sure, the first food items that come to mind are usually those you’ve always loved since you were a child.

Here we will talk about trademark Filipino comfort food. No matter which part of the Philippines, or even abroad, does a Pinoy venture to, he will always think of home and feel at home if these treats are available.


Halo-halo is a sweet and refreshing dessert.

Halo-halo is a sweet and refreshing dessert.

When you’re feeling down, everything that has ice cream on it actually feels heavenly, right? But halo-halo is on a completely different level of goodness, with all those ingredients of varying flavors and textures.

There’s the creamy goodness of ice cream, the crispiness of the barquillos and cereals, the chunky delight of kaong, the mouthwatering chewiness of nata de coco, and a whole lot of other things that make for a truly amazing gastronomic experience. No wonder this is among the first food items people think of when they seek some comfort food.

Leche Flan

Most people just gravitate towards sweets when they feel blue. And there are a lot of people who would seek this particular sweet treat, which is hailed by many as the perfect dessert. While that claim may be debatable, there is no arguing the fact that the leche flan is one delicious dessert.

Why is it a favorite among those who crave comfort food? Well, the creamy custard topped with caramel glaze has an uncanny way of always hitting the right spot. No matter how bad you’re feeling, once you take a bite of this sweet concoction, everything just suddenly seems bearable again.

Leche Flan is a milky dessert made even sweeter by caramel syrup.

Leche Flan is a milky dessert made even sweeter by caramel syrup.

The weird thing is that this popular dessert is made using a wide variety of recipes. There are those who use vanilla extract and those who use calamansi, dayap, or lemon instead. There are those who use whole eggs, while others use only the yolk. But whatever recipe is used, this sweet delight always tastes so good.


In the United States, when someone feels under the weather, they are given chicken soup to feel better. In the Philippines, we gravitate more towards a different kind of soup—the ever-popular batchoy. This noodle soup is well-loved by many Pinoys primarily because it is actually more than just a simple noodle soup.

Batchoy is an interesting concoction that contains a mixture of noodles, beef strips, pork innards, and pork strips. The flavors of all these ingredients perfectly complement each other. Additionally, the soup is also typically topped with another favorite Pinoy treat—chicharon (pork cracklings)! The texture and taste of chicharon definitely make the dish even more interesting. And the warmth of the soup immediately makes you feel right at home.


Yes, another sweet treat makes it to our list of comfort foods that will always bring you back home, regardless of where you may be. But perhaps what makes a cake an ideal comfort food is not just the fact that it is sweet, but also that it is soft and often fluffy. Eating a piece of cake kind of brings you back to the old days when you would lie in bed and cuddle your favorite stuffed toy, doesn’t it?

Chocolate cake with coffee is simply heavenly!

Chocolate cake with coffee is simply heavenly!

As you put a piece of this dessert into your mouth, you savor its sweet, chewy, fluffy goodness and recall those times when, as a kid, you just lay on your soft bed under your equally-soft blanket because you weren’t feeling too well. Now, that’s comfort!

Fried Chicken

This dish may not be originally Pinoy, and it may be a simple and common food item, but it is also one of the foods that can effectively lift your spirits and make you feel a whole lot better. Maybe it isn’t even the fried chicken itself that cheers you up; maybe it is simply the act of sitting down and enjoying a good meal, kamayan style.

The thing with fried chicken is that it always tastes better when you eat it with your bare hands. And that experience alone is sure to lift your mood.

These are just five of the food items that are likely to make you feel better and allow you to relive wonderful memories of home, wherever you currently are. These are the foods that will always take you back to your roots.

Feel at home in Camiguin Island thanks to Samuel by VjANDEP (VjANDEP, home of the famous Yema Pastel). Enjoy these Filipino comfort food as you enjoy the beautiful sunset and vistas of Camiguin!