Philippines, being an archipelago, is plenty of place to visit. Now, if you haven’t decided where to go, why not visit something? A theme park perhaps? Check out this list!

1.) Rizal Park/ Luneta Park

Rizal Park a.k.a Luneta Park

Rizal Monument in Luneta Park

Rizal Park, also known as Luneta Park, is a national park located in Manila, just near the historical Intramuros. The monument of the national hero Jose Rizal was built here in memory of him. This place is one of the most largest urban parks in Asia. People gather here usually every Sunday and mostly on national holidays. You may see Eskrimadors doing their martial arts routine here every morning, people doing their daily exercises and the young ones playing. There are a lot of places to go in Luneta Park. Kids itching to play? The park has a children’s playground. Do you want to know more about our heroes? Then take a stroll on the Gallery of Heroes , a row of bust sculptures of the Philippines’ heroes. You may also dance with the waters on the Dancing Fountain. This place is crawling with activities for you, your family and friends. So make sure to visit this awesome place!

2.) Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Theme Park Oceanarium

The Oceanarium

Marine lovers will definitely love this place. Manila Ocean Park is a marine theme park located behind Quirino Grandstand, Luneta. So if you are finished strolling around Rizal Park, this is the next place to go! The park offers a wide variety of attractions, the Oceanarium, Glass bottom boat rides, bird and sea lion shows, and a lot more! Face your fears with the Sharks and Rays encounter, meet the penguins at the Trails of Antarctica, and get to know the jellyfishes on the Jelly Exhibit! Want more marine goodness? Then visit…

3.) Subic Ocean Adventure

Dolphins in Ocean Adventure Marine Theme Park

Swim with the Dolphins!

The Ocean Adventure in Subic! Another marine theme park in the Philippines, Ocean Adventure theme park will definitely give you the thrilling adventure of your life! Dive with the turtles, fishes, and Sharks in the Marinelife Lagoon! Not only that, you may also dive up close with the most adorable yet popular sea creature on earth, the Dolphins! Not only that, you may also encounter these amazing creatures in the mysterious Wild World! Subic Ocean Adventure still has a lot to offer, so don’t miss out!


4.)  Zoobic Safari

Zoobic Safari Siberian Tiger Theme Park tour

Siberian Tigers in Zoobic Safari

Still not enough? Meet the predators of the jungle here in Zoobic Safari! Also located in Subic, Zoobic Safari is a wildlife theme park. Ride around safely as you encounter the habitat of these giant felines, the Siberian Tigers. Don’t worry, as you will be in a secured vehicle with safari guides. Walk over a pit crawling with over 200 cold-blooded crocodiles! You may also feed them by purchasing a quarter chicken and hook it on a fishing pole. Look at them up close as you go down the Crocodile Cafe, where you can view the reptiles on a water-level glass observation area while you chill.  Feel like holding some rare exotic animals? Then check out the Petting show, where you can hold an iguana or a python! These animals are trained so that you can take a picture and show it to your friends.


5.) Sky Ranch

The Sky Eye, Sky Ranch Theme Park

The Sky Eye, Sky Ranch

Sky Ranch, a leisure theme park, is located in Tagaytay, a popular vacation spot in the Philippines. Aside from Horseback Riding, Sky Ranch offers other fun, safe and exciting rides. Try and conquer your fear of heights in these sky high attractions! Aim for the skies by riding this big Ferris wheel in the country, the Sky Eye will lift you up to 63 meters while viewing the magnificent Taal Lake and Volcano.  The gondolas are air-conditioned, and can accommodate up to 3 to 4 people. Swing with your fellow mates in this scream-inducing ride, the Super Viking, by swinging up to 90 degrees, back and forth. Real horse is too scary for you? Then ride the fake ones instead! The Grand Carousel lets you view the whole Sky Ranch lot in 360 degrees! Do note that the carousel has two floors, giving you a whole new level of adventure. Win a prize in this game of Lobster Pot by throwing 2 out of 2 balls separately into the pot so they stay in! There are a lot of rides and attractions in the Sky Ranch so better try them all!


6.) Enchanted Kingdom

Enchanted Kingdom, The most popular theme park in the Philippines

Enchanted Kingdom Entrance

What is a list of parks without the most popular amusement park in the Philippines? Enchanted Kingdom is known to all here in the Philippines. It has exciting rides and attractions that everyone of all ages will enjoy! The list of attractions and activities is long so let us just name some of them. In their gated attractions, they have: 7D Interactive Motion Theater, Ekstreme Tower, Fun Kart, XPP (Xtreme Paintball Philippines), Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles Haunted Attraction and a lot more! This theme park alone will satisfy your enchanted needs!

7.) Star City

Star City Theme Park

Star City Facade

Another popular theme park in the metro, Star City is also offers wide range of extreme rides! Check out the Star Flyer, the only inverted roller coaster in the Philippines! They also have rides for the family, The Dragon Express lets you cruise through the wonders of China! Let your kids experience the pirate life by letting them ride the Mini Pirate Ship! Worry not as they are promoting safety to all rides.

Grab your friends now and visit these parks in the Philippines!