Are you going on a Camiguin adventure with the family or your barkada this Christmas? Well, then, you surely don’t just want to visit all the beautiful tourists spots on the island; you also want to sample their mouthwatering food offerings, right?


You’re in luck! There is a place in Camiguin where you can have sumptuous food all day. Whether you’re looking for a hearty breakfast, a good lunch, or a relaxing dinner, you’ll be sure to find what you seek at Samuel by VjANDEP.


The Lutong Bahay Experience

Perhaps the biggest draw for Samuel is the fact that they give you the ultimate lutong bahay experience way from home. From the cozy ambience to the delightful aroma and taste of the food they serve, you’ll be sure to feel right at home, even when you’re spending Christmas away from your hometown.


Don’t you agree that even the simplest dish, when prepared lutong bahay style, can be loads more satisfying than the most expensive restaurant fare?


Plus, the fact that these dishes are cooked using only the freshest ingredients makes them even more delicious! And the experience becomes even more memorable when shared with your loved ones at this most joyous time of the year.


Maximizing the Experience

You can, of course, maximize your lutong bahay experience by having all your meals at Samuel while you’re in Camiguin. But it can be quite a hassle going back-and-forth from wherever you’re staying just to have meals in Samuel, right? Well, why not stay right in the same building as the restaurant?


Ba’ay, a hostel and bed-and-breakfast also run by VjANDEP is situated within the same building as Samuel, which means you can grab delicious meals at any time of the day without going too far! And guess what? They’ve got a pasalubong shop at the ground floor, too! So you can grab some goodies to bring home to family and friends before you exit the building. How cool is that?


Your Camiguin adventure is definitely made more memorable by the abundance of beautiful sights and good food in the Island Born of Fire. Happy holidays, everyone!