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Top Tips for a Stress-free Camiguin Christmas Getaway

In many cases, people just want to stay home for Christmas and spend some quality bonding time with family. But in some cases, quality bonding time could mean going on a grand Christmas vacation with your loved ones. If you and your family are planning a Camiguin... read more

Top 5 Pinoy Comfort Foods That Will Always Bring You Home

Are you feeling unwell? Are you feeling a bit sad for whatever reason? There is one thing that just might cheer you up—comfort food! For some reason, our favorite foods just seem to improve our mood, regardless of whether what we’re feeling is a physical ailment... read more

Farms as Tourist Spots? Why Not!

  Beaches, hotels, malls, parks, mountains, rivers, lakes, and historical sites—these are just some of the common places where tourists can usually be seen. Here in the Philippines, we are among the lucky few to be blessed with so many amazing sites to explore.... read more

6 Funny Traits Filipinos Possess

Filipinos are known as one of the world’s most cheerful people. No matter what life throws at us, our smile and laughter never falter. Pinoys are also famous for our hospitality and respect for our elders, and that is why a lot of foreigners visit the country just to... read more