It’s a Fresh Look That Captures the Essence of What the Agency Has to Offer

“The Story Behind The Lens”, it’s what the tag says on the search results page on Google.

In a sense, the phrase captures what Mike Sia Photography is all about and what the agency offers its clients.

On the About Me page of his website, Mike Sia himself gives visitors and potential clients a glimpse of why he is passionate about photography. In his own words,

“Photographs are among the few things that will give grandchildren and great grandchildren the chance to recognize their ancestors.”

This is absolutely true. With photographs, time has no meaning. In fact, this is why pictures are often referred to as timeless. Because who or whatever the subject is in the photo, he, she, or it will forever be frozen in time. Sounds cheesy? Maybe, but it’s true.

On the about page, you will also see just how experienced this artist is. According to his note, in the last four years, he has done more than 200 wedding shoots, which is what Mike Sia specializes in by the way. He also regularly caters to birthday parties, christenings, debuts, and engagements. He even does impressive portraits!

And speaking of portfolio . . .

The Gallery and Destination Weddings


The Destinations Page

Mike Sia Photography has done quite a bit of travelling, not just around the country, but to different locations around the world as well. Although the agency is based primarily in Cagayan de Oro City, Mike Sia has been to other countries, as seen on the Destinations tab on his website.

On the Destinations page reads:

“To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.” – A quote from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

This is a message about travel, facing fears, and discovering life’s true purpose. In a way, it somehow applies to destination weddings in a sense that you and your special someone can discover new worlds together. And if you’re afraid, it’s okay, because you can be fearful together.

On the page, you will also see a host of beautifully captured moments in various locations, including Denmark, Iceland, Japan, New Zealand, and Norway. Through the different photos, you can easily see how each moment is perfectly encapsulated in time.

The colors, the lines, the artistry; these pictures are a masterpiece that highlight the wonderful precious moments between the couple, forever trapped in time.

In the destination wedding photos, you can also see the beauty of the location and the city they are in; although based on the pictures, it looks like they also make for excellent pre-nuptial and honeymoon photos.

Oh. And by the way, the Kyoto, Japan gallery shows some beautifully captured photos of the Yoshino Cherry Tree, also known as the cherry blossom tree, which is the most popular tree there. The color and the detail are just awe-inspiring, which says a lot about the talent and skill of the person who took it.

The photo gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark is another masterpiece that highlights the classic elegance of the couple, as well as the architectural beauty of the location.

The Gallery Page

The gallery tab shows a slideshow of all the works, all the photos Mike Sia Photography has ever done; from pre-nuptial to wedding and reception photos. They actually look like the pictures that you see in postcards!

All the photos in this gallery are really exceptional. In fact, there is a button on the right hand side of the page that removes all the text, essentially turning the entire gallery page into a beautiful screensaver. It’s absolutely stunning!

Planning on getting married anytime soon?

If you’re in the process of planning your own wedding, and you’re looking for an artist who can capture each and every precious moment, you should consider Mike Sia Photography. You can visit the official website here:, where you can check out the photographer’s portfolio.

Or the Mike Sia Photography official Facebook page here:

You can also visit or contract the agency, for inquiries and appointments, through the following:

Manila Office:

DHQ Studio

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Contact Numbers:

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