My Favorite Pasalubong Delicacies

I just want to share my top 5 favorite pasalubong delicacies…

1.) Otap

This is one of my favorite pasalubong delicacies originated from Cebu. I usually pair this with brewed coffee.


crunchy and flaky!


2.) Dried Mangoes

Also came from Cebu, slices of mango fruit, locally grown and dried.


great substitute for candies.


3.) Durian Candy Bar

For all those durian-lovers, check out Lola Abon’s durian candy bar. They also have mangosteen flavor.


Don’t leave Davao without this.

4.) Cheese Tart

All the way from Bacolod City, the City of Smiles. Piaya, Biscocho, Pinasugbo are also great pasalubong, but honestly, this is by far the most satisfying of them all.


Satisfies your sweet tooth..

5.) Vjandep Pastel

The pride of Camiguin. I first heard about the Vjandep Pastel way-back 2005, a year after I was hired as a Pagcor employee under the Bingo Department. I was assigned in Iligan City and was about to board the Rural Transit Bus in Agora Terminal, Cagayan de Oro City, bound for Davao, when my supervisor texted me to buy Vjandep Pastel as pasalubong for our big boss in Casino-Davao. I have no idea what it is, until I purchased one.


Fluffy buns with heavenly custard filling..


These are just some of the few of my favorite pasalubong delicacies. You can check out the others yourself and discover its goodness .