Famous Pinoy Mountaineer

Mountaineering  describes the sports of mountain climbing. This sport includes outdoor activities in the mountain such as ski mountaineering, scrambling, hiking, rock climbing and a lot more. The goal of every mountaineer is to climb the highest mountain in the world. We all know that it is not that easy, but to climb to the top of the world, at the cruising the altitude of the commercial jet, oxygen starved and literally risking your life in the process, is the most realistic goal of every mountaineer. The Philippines  is one of the countries  that has highest mountains such Mt. Apo, Dulang-Dulang, Pulag, Katinglad, Kalatungan, Tabuyoc, Ragang, Pico de Loro and more. Because of this resources, there are a lot of Filipino mountaineer who becomes famous in this sports. also, Ph is blessed to have 100% climbing rate in Mount Everest. Here are the five  Pinoy mountaineer both men and women who reached the highest mountain in the world.


1. Dale Sto. Tomas Abenojar is a Pinoy mountaineer, mountain guide by profession and an adventure. He is an AFP special forces graduate and a certified AFP military instructor. He was able to successfully climbed the famous mountain in the Philippines such as Mount Pinatubo and Mount Apo. Last May 30, 2006, He was recognized as “the first Pinoy mountaineer” to reached the summit of Mount Everest.


2. Heracleo “Leo” Oracion is a Pinoy triathlete who won various adventure races. He is also an officer of the Philippine Coast Guard. Leo is the second Pinoy mountaineer who happened to climb the Mt. Everest two days after Dale Abenojar ascent. His route in Mt. Everest is South Col Nepal together with 15 other climbers.


3. Erwin Emata is the third Pinoy mountaineer to reached the peak of Mt. Everest, one day after Leo expedition. He left the camp of Everest and arrive at the summit with the aid of oxygen. Like Leo, he is also a member of the First Philippine Mount Everest Expedition(FPME).


4. Romeo Roberto “Romi” Garduce is not just a Pinoy mountaineer but he is also a scuba dive master, environmentalist, writer, IT professional and Television host. He was able to climb Philippines mountains such as Mt. Nacarlan, Apo, Halcon, Guiting-Guiting, Pulag and Kanlaon. Like the first three Pinoy mountaineer, Romeo was able to ascend the highest mountain in the world. He climbed Mt. Everest in the south col Nepal route last May 19, 2006. After 7 years, he wrote a book about his Journey entailed “Akyat! A Filipino’s Journey to the Seven Summits”.


5. Noelle Wenceslao is the first Pinay mountaineer traversed in Mt. Everest last May 16, 2007. She is a member of the Philippine Dragon Team, an expert biker, and extreme adventure athlete. Prior to her journey to the Mt. Everest, she suffered a severe headache and vomiting but it does not prohibit her in reaching her goal. Instead, she proved that perseverance, teamwork, player enabled her to succeed in pursuing her passion.