Pinoys, they say, are among the world’s happiest people. No matter what life throws at us we’d still find the luxury to laugh about it. And that is why people around the globe would commend us for being cheerful; not to mention that we are also known to be extremely hospitable and humorous. But apart from these trademark Filipino attitudes, there are other traits that all of us Pinoys can all relate to. Here are some of them:

Pinoys Are Die-Hard Rice Lovers

Just like most of our Asian neighbors, we, Filipinos are voracious rice eaters. A complete meal for us basically consists of hot steamed rice, viand (probably steamed or soup dish), and a number of condiments (ketchup, pepper, patis, toyo, etc.) By simply observing a typical Filipino meal, you can definitely conclude that steamed rice is our staple food. It is our main source of carbohydrates too, that’s why most Pinoys say “mawala na ang lahat, wag lang kanin.”

Another indication that Filipinos love rice? The number of restaurants and cafés offering “unli-rice” promos!

Pinoy’s “Bukas Nalang” Syndrome

“Ugma na, later na, bukas na, mamaya na”—how many times have we said these phrases? Whether it is completing a project or an assignment or cleaning your room, we always tend to delay it. Pinoys are really fond of procrastinating, and because of that, we always find ourselves cramming during the last hours before the deadline. Mañana Habit was said to be taught by the Spanish, and since then, we’ve succeeded in turning it into an art form. Today, even the most pressing matters don’t really seem to matter to us and we’d still have the luxury to delay it until it’s the 11th hour.

The only time mañana habit doesn’t get applied is when its chibog time, and that’s because FOOD IS LOVE!

So are we ever gonna change soon? Probably; tomorrow perhaps.

Pinoys Love Breaking Rules

Another tatak Pinoy attitude that we have is our penchant for breaking general rules. “Bawal tumawid dito. Nakakamatay” says the huge sign board in EDSA and yet we’d still take the risk to cross there because the next overpass is just too far. “No Smoking on Public Places” says another sign, but we still light a cigar and not care that other people are already rolling their eyes. Even keeping ourselves quiet in a library (where optimum silence is required) is just too hard to do. It’s just so difficult for us to follow even the simplest rule like falling in line properly or segregating our trashes.

We really are fond of not following the rules, we don’t go with the conventional way of thinking. So why do Pinoys love breaking rules? Masarap daw kasi ang bawal eh, says an old Pinoy adage that we all can agree.

Pinoys Are Always Late (But Not For Every Meal)

Aside from being cheerful and resilient, another Filipino trait that the majority of us have is being late all the time. We Pinoys have our own unique brand of time that we call as Filipino Time, which is a few minutes or hours behind the standard time. In other words, don’t expect Pinoys to be punctual because you’ll be truly disappointed. This attitude is basically connected with our mañana habit; we always delay our work, and we are always late for any appointments.  And what’s worse than being late as a Pinoy? We always have a petty excuse for being late: (“natraffic ako,” “nakalimutan ko cellphone ko,” “inantay ko pa si nanay umuwi kasi wala akong pera pamasahe,” and the list goes on).

How many times have we experienced waiting for our friend who said she’s already near the meeting place for more than an hour? Many times, right? That’s because it is in our nature to be late all the time.

Other Unique Traits That Show We Are 100% Filipino

Apart from these traits that I have mentioned above, other peculiar traits that Filipinos have include:

  1. Eating food using our bare hands. (Yes, kamayan style)
  2. Using tabo when taking a bath.
  3. Extremely mapamahiin in almost everything we do.
  4. Love asking pasalubong when one of our friends or family member goes out of country or visits another place.
  5. Completing the Simbang Gabi during the Christmas Season so that one of our wishes gets granted.
  6. Starts Christmas celebration at September. (Filipinos have been recognized for celebrating the Christmas season the longest.)

Got any peculiar Pinoy attitude we missed in our list? Share it with us!