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Enchanting Get-Away: Surigao del Sur

DESTINATION: Surigao del Sur The first time I visited Surigao del Sur was on a whim. But it was also what started my wanderlust. I mean, I think the thirst for travel and adventure has always been with me. But it was never really given a chance to spread it’s... read more

Byaheng PaNorte – Vigan, Ilocos Sur

DESTINATION: Vigan, Ilocos Sur The idea to visit the World Heritage City actually started as a solo trip – an adventure of sorts to the (so far) the farthest in the north I would have been, taking into consideration the fact that I reside in Northern Mindanao. But as... read more

Things to Do in Camiguin on Rainy Days

Rain or shine. That pretty much sums up the Philippine climate. The end of the summer season, therefore, only means one thing: The rains are coming. In fact, they’ve already begun.   For many people, this means the postponement of planned trips to known summer... read more

8 Things You Need This Rainy Season

The month of June is the official start of classes here in the Philippines, but aside from that, it is also the beginning of the rainy season. Unlike other countries, the Philippines only has two seasons—dry and rainy—and since we have experienced an extended dry... read more

4 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Philippines

Mabuhay! There are a lot of reasons why the Philippines is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. With 7,107 islands to visit and explore, our country has plenty of breathtaking beaches (El Nido, Boracay, Calaguas Island), magnificent diving... read more

8 Pinoy Foods That Are Always Present during Handaans

Filipinos are among the world’s most sociable people. Almost every week, we make it a point to meet up with our family and friends and bond with them over a videoke session, inuman, and chikahan. Not only that, but every time there’s something worth celebrating (like... read more

PH Tourism Spending Doubles to PHP 306 Billion in 5 Years

Good News! The foreign tourism spending in the Philippines has reached another milestone in a span of five years! As shown in the data given by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), it has been discovered that the foreign tourism spending of the country has... read more