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Enchanting Get-Away: Surigao del Sur

DESTINATION: Surigao del Sur The first time I visited Surigao del Sur was on a whim. But it was also what started my wanderlust. I mean, I think the thirst for travel and adventure has always been with me. But it was never really given a chance to spread it’s... read more

Byaheng PaNorte – Vigan, Ilocos Sur

DESTINATION: Vigan, Ilocos Sur The idea to visit the World Heritage City actually started as a solo trip – an adventure of sorts to the (so far) the farthest in the north I would have been, taking into consideration the fact that I reside in Northern Mindanao. But as... read more

Foodie Facts: The Origin of Filipino-Style Spaghetti

Filipinos are naturally fond of spaghetti, and that is why every time there’s a special occasion, expect that this dish will always be present at the handaan. Even during regular days, it seems like a lot of Filipinos still crave a plateful of spaghetti at Jollibee or... read more

Soon in Mindanao – The Mindanao Railway Project

A war-torn area infested with rebels, crimes, and poverty—that’s how most Filipinos see the island of Mindanao. Thanks to the media and their sometimes over-exaggerated news reporting, our homeland is shunned by foreigners and even investors. Comparing it to Luzon and... read more

Pizza during the Rainy Season – Why Choose Calda Pizza?

Did you know that whenever the rainy season arrives, pizza sales typically shoot up? There are several good reasons for this, but perhaps the most common is that the rains usually result in most people running late, which means they likely would have neither the time... read more

Puto Varieties around the Philippines

Puto, just like suman, is a generic kakanin in the Philippines. It’s basically sold everywhere in the country, so wherever you are in the Philippines right now, it would be quite impossible not to find a café, a shop, or a food peddler selling puto. As a matter of... read more

Things to Do in Camiguin on Rainy Days

Rain or shine. That pretty much sums up the Philippine climate. The end of the summer season, therefore, only means one thing: The rains are coming. In fact, they’ve already begun.   For many people, this means the postponement of planned trips to known summer... read more